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Thursday, September 10, 2009 - Aero Air, located at the Portland-Hillsboro Airport (KHIO), has just completed their first dual install of a G-600 system in a Twin Commander.  

Aero Air and the customer worked to design an entire new cockpit, and the results are dramatic.  Two Garmin G-600 dual MFD and PFD systems were installed, along with dual 430W systems, dual GTX-330 Mode S transponders, a GMA-347 audio panel, a GDL-69 XM weather system, a WX-500 stormscope, TCAS traffic, and a 406 MHz ELT. Toward the end of the install, synthetic vision was added as well as the GAD-43 adapter.

The install started in June, and ended in August, being performed in conjunction with engine overhauls and other maintenance.

"The difference is dramatic," says Bruce Franklin, Avionics Manager.  "The install completely changed the look of the panel."

This was the first dual system installation performed by any Twin Commander Authorized Service Center.

"There was a lot of discussion, and a lot of revisions of the panel," said Ken Molczan. "The customer was able to fully integrate his preferences, and make the panel uniquely his own."

With the install completed, the customer is not only pleased with the new technology and the ease of use, but also the 100 pound weight savings.

The Garmin G-600 system eliminates the need for many instruments in the panel. The PFD seamlessly integrates your position, speed, altitude, steering, and flight progress, while the MFD provides highly detailed moving map graphics and landmarks so you can have all the information you need at your fingertips.  

Aero Air, the first Twin Commander Authorized Service Center to successfully perform a single and dual install of the Garmin G-600 in a Commander, is now in the beginning stages of its second dual install.

For more information, contact Ashley Chuinard at 503-640-3711, by email at, or at

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