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... Overview of our Aircraft Sales Services

Contact our sales staff  and they will make it their priority to provide you with ample resources to make an intelligent decision about your air travel needs.

If you are considering the acquisition of an aircraft, please contact us, and we will help you define your requirements and then present you with a full selection of worldwide available aircraft and assist you in your selection based on your specific needs.  We will handle all of the details involved in the acquisition of an aircraft including the coordination of all demos, expert handling of all sales negotiations, management of transaction including escrow, purchase agreements, closing, delivery and bill of sale.  If you are considering selling an aircraft, we will craft a marketing strategy specific to your aircraft; the goal being a seamless transaction that is financially sound and handled expediciously.  Aero Air has sold over 800 aircraft throughout the world since 1956.  Every detail of the sale of your aircraft will be handled in a turnkey manner.

If you are seeking aircraft consultation services, we promise reliability and  in-depth sourcing analysis.  We have archives of aircraft specifications and cost of ownership and cost of operation.  We will educate you in cost and application forecasting and inform you about the myriad of aircraft available, the kinds of airports from which the various aircraft can operate, at what cost, and compare these with other aircraft.